Roberto Coscia
Web Developer

About Me


Hi everyone! My name is Roberto. I am from Italy and currently living in UK. I graduated and worked as a nurse. Last year I made the decision to change my career. In early September 2018 I started to study in a full-immersion mode in order to persue my dream of becoming a Web Developer. I started my journey as a self-taught developer using different learning platforms such as CodeCademy, Udemy, Edx and Coursera. In addition, I took up various coding challenges using CodeWars. I am passionate about web development and what I am doing. I believe that hard work will pay off!

My dream is to become a successful Web Developer and work with different challenging projects that will allow me to learn and improve my skills! I would be happy to work for a Web development company or develop my own business which will offer to clients a high-standard professional service.

Hi, I am Roberto Coscia I am highly skilled and motivated Front-end Developer with hands-on experience cutting-edge technologies supporting both design and development team to produce front-end code to support multiple client projects.

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